Arnau Bernad - Acro Yogi, zertifizierter Yoga Lehrer (200h) & Yin Yoga

Eigentlich kommt Arnau aus Spanien, und am liebsten bringt er Menschen aus aller Welt zusammen zum Fliegen.

Aber momentan lebt er in Meersburg und bereichert das Namasté Yoga Studio mit seiner sanften Seite und seinem Zugang zu Yin Yoga. 


I've been fascinated by Yin Yoga since it first came to me in India during the YTTC. It convinced me of the capacity it has to bring you to the moment and to unblock your body for new potential. Ever since I kept practicing Yin and adapting it to my own needs in flexibility, meditation, and enhancing my body for the practice of the most Yang Yoga: AcroYoga.

From January on, I will have the privilage of alternating Yin Yoga classes with Claudia in her beautiful Namasté Yoga Studio. The classes will be in English and will combine "Traditional" Yin Yoga with some touches of my own learnings.



"Yin Yoga is a western invention. It's a practice dedicated to balance not only our Yang lifestyles, but also the very Yang transformation that Yoga has experienced when spreading to the west" - Bernie Clark.


Get on some confortable clothes and let's go on a journey of self-discovery, enhancement, and unlocking what hides deep within.